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Kelly's PNPA Race for Justice Page

Kelly Poulin
Tigard, OR

About my Fundraiser

On February 7, 2011 I lost one of my dearest girlfriends at the hands of a drunk driver.   Signing up for the Race for Justice brings back a flood of emotions from that morning and the days since and I find myself frozen and unable to really put my feelings in words. I am participating in the Race for Justice this year to support the St. Andrew Legal Clinic in her honor and would like to help make the difference that she set out to make in the race and in her life. She was one of the most driven people I have ever met and I was not one bit surprised to learn that she had contacted Courtney several months prior to her death about the details for this year's Race for Justice. This was a passion of hers along with many other things in her life. Please help me make her proud in raising as much donations as possible in her beautiful honor.   I want to meet my goal and surpass it substantially to achieve what my friend intended to for people in need. 

St. Andrew Legal Clinic (SALC) is a community-based non-profit organization that provides quality legal services, in the area of family law, to low-income individuals and families who might otherwise not have access to them. SALC opened its doors in 1979 and has served over 35,000 individuals and families since its inception.

Below I share a letter I wrote to my friend after she died that best encompasses the way I loved her and how special she was to me and so so so many other people.

Ok here goes……I will re live every single moment until I have remembered every one. And I will re live them again and again and again until one day I see you again. And if I’m old and grey and wrinkly, please give me a makeover before I get there and let me walk in with an amazing pair of shoes and ¼ of the beauty and grace you showed everyday here on earth. Everything you did in life you did it with of course Beauty. And…. Grace. Brilliance. And Every Ounce of Love. You always saw the best in every person you came in contact with. Sometimes I wondered how, but it was just you…. I got tired just watching you live. You loved us all so hard. Thank you for loving us all back and then some. How did you find the time to love everyone so much? Thank God you finally decided on that damn wedding dress. I hope your Wedding Binder is somewhere safe. LOL. A lot of people say you don’t know what you have until it is gone. Not so much the case here. We all, everyone who knew you and loved you knew just how special you were. I will be eternally grateful we kept our plans for Saturday and that I looked in your beautiful eyes and told you just that, how special you were and that I loved you. Thank you for being my bed mate on all of our trips and for not making me sleep with our snoring wolf friends. @Jen, Lisa and Christie. You guys better get it figured out because I won’t sleep alone and you guys snore. And I promise we won’t let Jen drive us anywhere. I’ll take back the driving duties. FBLA, President of PNPA, Best Paralegal in every firm you worked at, Amazing Daughter, Sweetest Sister, Loving Aunt to your nieces and nephews and our children, Walties Wonderful Wife, die hard Work Out Partner to many, The most energetic Party Planner, Wedding Planner, Bachelorette Party Planner to many, Classic Cook, Bestest Friend to so many, even Mommy to Bell for a short time. I’ll never forget when you and Walter became parents to Bell. Put your pretty little paws up by that pretty little face. We’ll see you again Angel…Woof Woof.