2014 End of Year Appeal

Pam told us “Thank you for being my rock and exactly what I needed when I felt scared and hopeless.”

With your help we can bridge the gap providing justice to all individuals and families.

We make quality legal service affordable for the working poor on the principlethat justice should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income.

Your generosity is not just a monetary donation, it’s a partnership with the families we serve.  Our services are provided on a sliding scale based on income.  Your gift helps bridge the gap for families who do not qualify for Legal Aid and can’t afford to hire a private attorney.  

In 2014, we anticipate serving more than 2,000 families through our intake program and providing over 300 clients with full legal representation ranging from domestic violence intervention, child support and custody disputes to divorce.  Our attorneys also protect the legal rights of guardians and ensure reasonable child visitation.  

Half of the individuals and families we serve earn below $1,400 monthly.  

Thirty-three percent are minorities, further marginalized by cultural and language barriers.  

Eighty-three percent have children with cases touching on the needs of their sons and daughters.

Can we count on your support?  Each donation is vital to St. Andrew’s mission and has a direct, positive impact on families here in the Greater Portland Area.

Thank you for supporting access to justice for everyone!


Shelly Matthys

Executive Director

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